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Castle Creations TALON 120HV Brushless ESC  - 010-0131-00

Talon HV120 has the power in all the right places, and the looks to match !

The first high voltage controller to come out of the Castle factory with a built in BEC deserves nothing but the biggest BEC we could muster. No more reaching for an external BEC or messing with extra wiring. At the heart of this powerhouse sits a 20A peak ** BEC with selectable 6v or 8v output voltage. With a voltage input range from 3S to 12S LiPo, and a 120A* continuous amperage capability, it’s capable of up to 6000W of continuous power for a wide variety of heli and fixed wing applications. Its sleek aluminum case not only ensures your Talon HV stays cool during high power demand situations, but also looks the part while doing it. For those seeking optimum cooling performance, we are offering a 40mm fan accessory, it is recommended for set ups with low airflow, such as under canopies or in a fuselage. Talon HV users will have access to our industry leading software functions and USB programming capability via Castle Link USB adapter***.

*RC HOBBY APPLICATION RATING: 120 amps for the duration of a single 10,000 mAh battery pack with the ESC in contact with a 5 mph airflow of 25C (77F) or cooler air. Controller temperature must never exceed 100C (212F). Exceeding current or temperature ratings may damage components and may shorten the life of the ESC. Always verify system current draw at full- throttle. Decrease load or increase airflow to decrease the ESC’s operating temperature.
** Peak indicates a current level sustainable for the duration of a typical servo’s transient current loads. Your setup may vary. Always confirm servo current draw before the first flight of the model.
*** Remove BEC Power wire from receiver before connecting to Castle Link.

Input Voltage: Min 3S LiPo Max: 12SLipo
Max Continuous Amperage: 120A*
• Width 51.1mm
• Length: 96.8mm
• Height: 20.4mm
• Weight with 150mm battery wires and no battery connector: 186g

BEC Specifications
10A continuous, 20A Peak**, user selectable 5.5mm male bullets included, battery connector sold separately

Application: Heli 550 class, 600class, 700class Airplane: Giant scale
Items needed for operation: Battery connectors (not included)
Programmability: Fully programmable castle features set using Castle Link USB adapter (coupon for free castle link included with purchase) and freely downloadable castle link Windows Software.