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Ray's HeliTech Volume 13 & 14

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VOLUME 13: Autorotation Theory & Setup (55 minutes - 28 scenes)

VOLUME 14: Autorotations Demonstrated (53 minutes - 30 scenes)

One of the most satisfying aspects of flying a model helicopter is doing autorotations. When it's calm, you hover. When there's some wind, you autorotate! Whether you have a nitro or electric helicopter (450 size and up) the information contained in these disks will have you autorotating in no time!

Volume 13 covers autorotation theory. How does the aerodynamic airflow affect autos? How are autos used in emergency situations? Discover the difference between driven and non-driven tail rotors and how they influence efficiency vs. control. Finally, V13 shows you how to set up for autos using Spektrum, JR, and Futaba radios.

Volume 14 begins with a bit of advanced theory, then we head out to the field. A stick cam lets you see every movement of collective pitch and tail rotor! Ray starts out teaching you how to do hovering autos, and ends up teaching you dead engine autos from altitude! V14 concludes by showing all kinds of advanced autos demonstrated by Kyle Dahl, the winner of the 2010 XFC. (We've got a stick cam on Kyle, too.) It's worth it just to see Kyle do all his fancy autos!

Autorotations for Nitro and Electric
Autos for Fun and Emergencies
Driven vs. Non-Driven Tail Rotors
Transmitter Setup
All kinds of Basic Autos
All kinds of Advanced Autos!