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RAPTOR 60/90 High Flow Cooling Fan

in stock part number: R6D-07
£ 24.96 (ex tax)

Superb high efficiency lightweight alloy cooling fan for the Raptor 60/90, 25% lighter than our previous design and now only 6 g heavier than the original plastic unit.

Incorporates an accurate twin collet fitting system to suit OS and YS 61 - 91 engines.  Up to 35% more efficient than the standard plastic unit, improved aiflow at higher delivery pressure and accurate balance.

Incorporates GV-1 type governor magnet recesses in the underside of the fan. Supplied with both OS and YS size fitting collets.

The use of tool Part # R6D-07-T is highly recommended for safe and easy removal of this fan.
Available in Blue and Silver finish

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