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EOLO / SPIRIT Precision Swashplate

in stock part number: REC-05
£ 33.29 (ex tax)

This superb fully cnc machined swashplate uses a high quality radial bearing and an aviation grade PTFE lined chrome steel centre swivel ball. The main bearing features special pre-load adjusters to eliminate radial backlash and allow future re-tensioning. Fully removable stainless steel control balls feature 1.5mm allen key fittings.

At just 18 grammes this unit is identical in weight to the standard plastic swashplate but offers exceptional rigidity and  high resolution. A "sixth" ball has been fitted opposite the one required for the driver arm so as to provide a fully balanced assembly. The overall thickness of the swashplate has also been reduced by 2.5mm compared to the original and so allows an increased collective travel.

Available in Silver, Blue, Purple and Red outer with contrasting silver inner section.

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