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V-Max eCCPM Conversion Kit

in stock part number: VMAX
£ 166.66 (ex tax)

A comprehensive set of high quality CNC machined alloy & carbon fibre components designed to convert the mechanically mixed control system of the TT Raptor 60/90 to a full Electronic 120° 3 point CCPM system.

Greater collective / cyclic control response & power with enhanced accuracy & resolution throughout the flight envelope. Perfect for high power 3D or super smooth FAI flying styles

Each component has been designed with strength and durability in mind, your V-Max converted Raptor will fly better than ever with a higher centre of gravity and lower all up weight. The very responsive control system incorporates full "Push-Pull" on cyclic / collective and very rigid 3mm stainless steel pushrods.

Available in Blue, Black and Satin Silver Finish

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