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Pro Peak Watt Meter

low stock part number: O-IPWM
£ 29.79 (ex tax)

PRO-PEAK Watt Meter & Power Analyser

A heavy duty watt meter that can monitor the power consumption of your motor/load source and ‘freeze’ record the peaks for later checking. The Watt Meter can be used to measure battery performance, motor performance, charger performance, speed controller (ESC) performance or even the current demanded by a receiver/servo combination. An important feature to decide if a BEC has enough power. The moulded plastic case has an easy-grip finish and the unit is both compact and durable. The blue illuminated, LCD display is clear and logically laid out for easy understanding.


  • Operates From 4.8 ~ 60V From 0V With Optional Auxiliary Battery
  • Current (Amps) 0~130A, Resolution 0.01A
  • Voltage (Volts) 0~60V, Resolution 0.01V
  • Power (Watts) 0~6554W, Resolution 0.1W
  • Current Delivery (Amp Hours) 0~65Ah, Resolution 0.001Ah
  • Energy (Watt Hours) 0~6554Wh, Resolution 0.1Wh