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RAPTOR 30/50 Electric Conversion Kit

no stock part number: RD-13
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RAPTOR 30/50 V2 - Electric Conversion Kit + Scorpion HKIII-4020-890 Motor

This set of parts allows the Raptor 30 V2 to be converted from Nitro to Brushless electric power and includes a heavy duty machined alloy battery base plate, motor mounting plates, heatsink pinion carrier, pinion & ballrace, canopy latch spacers and fixing hardware.

The kit is easy to install with no further modifications to the standard Raptor frame set being required. The baseplate fits between the frame and the undercarriage and provides a protective location for the battery and allows for an optimal CG position. The motor mounting plates simply fit above and bellow the fan duct and the heat-sink pinion carrier effectively draws heat from the motor out through the shaft to aid cool running.

If fitting to the Raptor 50 or Raptor Titan it will be necessary to fit the 86 tooth main gear from the Raptor 30 to maintain the correct gear ratio for the 890kv motor.

The kit is supplied complete with the Scorpion HKIII-4020-890kv brushless motor.

A 5000mah 6S LiPo battery and suitable ESC such as the Castle Creations Talon 90 is required to complete