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RAPTOR 30/50 Precision Swashplate

in stock part number: RC-05
£ 41.66 (ex tax)

RAPTOR 30/50 - V1 - V2 & TITAN

This swashplate features a full size 6804 ZZ precision ballrace (as used in most 60 size helis) complete with pre-tension adjustment screws for zero play.
The dynamic load specification of the bearing is significantly greater than the original TT bearing used in the stock swashplate but even if some wear does occur, simply tighten the pre-tension screws to remove any play.

The swashplate is supplied complete with a new mast locking collar designed to allow maximum collective travel.

This swashplate makes a really noticable difference in hovering precision and it will last!

Available in Red, Blue & SilverFinishes

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