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TRIFLOW OIL part number: TF21010
TRI-FLOW - 2 oz bottle of penetrating and protecting oil with Teflon for superior lubrication. Bottle is supplied with "dropper" attachment for precise application.


TRI-FLOW GREASE part number: TF75454
High Performance Clear Synthetic Grease - 1/4oz (7ml) Tri-Flow High Performance Clear Synthetic Grease is specially formulated to lubricate any surface that slides, glides, rolls, twists, turns or spins. This non-melting, waterproof formula is designed to seal out water and contaminates and ...


ZAP Thread Locker - RED
ZAP Thread Locker - RED part number: ZAP71
0.20 fl oz size (6ml) Z-71 "Red" permanent type thread locker. Locks and seal metail nuts, screws, and studs, holds from -65 to +300 degress fahrenheit.  


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