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SHUTTLE Washout Unit
SHUTTLE Washout Unit part number: SC-01
This quality all metal, precision ballraced washout unit will make a considerable difference to the control precision of the model compared to the original all plastic item. The base has a brass sleeve for smooth movement and low wear and the control arms are fitted with twin ballraces. Twin guid...


SHUTTLE Washout Links
SHUTTLE Washout Links part number: SC-011
Replacement washout driver arms moulded in high strength low friction "Delrin" plastic. Supplied complete with hardened and ground dowel pins, fits standard Shuttle plastic washout unit and Quick UK alloy upgrade units.


SHUTTLE Twin Pin Washout Guide
SHUTTLE Twin Pin Washout Guide part number: SC-021
Twin pin guide suitable for use with our alloy washout unit (part # SC-01), this unit is NOT suitable for use with the original Hirobo plastic washout assembly. The alloy is fitted with longer anti-rotation pins allowing for increased collective travel.  


SHUTTLE Aileron Control Levers
SHUTTLE Aileron Control Levers part number: SC-03
These aileron control bellcranks feature twin ballraces for smooth accurate movement, lightweight and rigid for precise swashplate control inputs without any lost movement. Supplied complete with high tensile M3 fixing hardware and stainless steel shims. Supplied as a pair


SHUTTLE Elevator Pushrod
SHUTTLE Elevator Pushrod part number: SC-04
This elevator control pushrod uses twin precision ballraces for smooth accurate control inputs and the increased rigidity ensures no lost movement through flexing. A direct replacement for stock plastic component and particularly useful on older Shuttles without anti-rotation stay.


SHUTTLE Precision Swashplate
SHUTTLE Precision Swashplate part number: SC-05
All metal CNC machined alloy swashplate with precision radial bearing and hard chromed PTFE lined centre swivel ball.  A very precise and hard wearing unit thanks to the special pre-loading screws on the radial bearing, this means zero play and is fully adjustable should the bearing wear. St...


SHUTTLE  Main Rotor Shaft
SHUTTLE Main Rotor Shaft part number: SD-01
Made from stainless steel. these shafts are precision ground and considerably stronger than stock mainshafts and will not suffer from corrosion. Supplied - 1 piece per pack


SHUTTLE High Flow Cooling Fan
SHUTTLE High Flow Cooling Fan part number: SD-07
This cooling fan features aerofoil sectioned angled vanes to provide maximum cooling efficiency without sacrificing engine power. A direct replacement for the stock plastic fan on later Shuttles offering up to 30% greater cooling capacity. The underside of this fan features a pair of machined poc...


SHUTTLE Swashplate Guide
SHUTTLE Swashplate Guide part number: SF-01
Machined from light alloy, this swashplate anti-rotation guide is far stronger than the original plastic unit and less prone to crash damage. Mounting is via high tensile M3 socket screws instead of the original self tapping screws.


SHUTTLE Gyro Mounting Platform
SHUTTLE Gyro Mounting Platform part number: SF-04
A direct replcement for the original plastic mount and this alloy component offers a considerable increase in frame stiffness as well as additional protection for your gyro system in the event of impact.


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