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Ray's HeliTech Volume 4 & 5

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VOLUME 4: Flight Theory, Engine Break-In, and Tools (1 hr. 13 min.; 21 scenes)

This disk starts with basic flight theory. Learn how collective pitch, cyclic pitch, and the tail rotor control the helicopter’s flight. Advanced theory shows you how to obtain perfect mixture no matter if the engine is cold or hot! Finally, we’ll look at the tools needed to build a helicopter and the field equipment needed to get it flying.

Scenes 1-9: Beginning · Introduction · Fixed vs. Collective Pitch · Rotor Head Overview · Radio-Transmitter Basics · Cyclic Pitch · Tail Rotor Theory · Gyro Theory · Driven vs. Non-Driven Tail Rotors

Scenes 10-18: Effective Translational Lift · Settling With Power · Engine Break-In Rationale · Face-Off Engine & Muffler · Carburetion Without Compromise: Theory · Carburetion w/o Comp: Execution · Carburetion w/o Comp: Stopper Theory · Engine Break-In · Carburetion w/o Comp: Demonstration

Scenes 19-21: Workbench Tools · Rotor Head Balance Tools · Field

VOLUME 5: Building the Helicopter(1 hr. 42 min.; 26 scenes)

Not merely a step-by-step instruction manual, “Building the Helicopter” goes into the “tender loving care” steps that separate an average-built helicopter from a perfectly-built machine. After viewing this disk you’ll be ready for Volumes 1-3 of Ray’s Authoritative DVD Series.

Scenes 1-9: Beginning · Fitting Ball Links · Fuel Tank · Clutch Bell · Side Frames · Autorotation Unit · Washout Assembly · Collective, “A” Arms, & Bellcranks · Mainshaft, Main Gear, Swashplate, & Washout

Scenes 10-18: Fan & Clutch · Engine Installation · Landing Gear · Main Rotor Head · Attach M/R Head & Pushrods · Tail Rotor Gearbox · Tail Boom Assembly · Install Tail Boom · Tail Rotor Control Pushrod

Scenes 19-26: Glo Plug Clip & Header Tank · Servo Installation · Battery Packs & Regulators · Install Batt, RX, & Gyro · Canopy & Fins · Rotor Blades · Blade Pitch Arms to Leading Edge · Bert flies Ray’s Raptor