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EOLO / SPIRIT Precision Swashplate
EOLO / SPIRIT Precision Swashplate part number: REC-05
This superb fully cnc machined swashplate uses a high quality radial bearing and an aviation grade PTFE lined chrome steel centre swivel ball. The main bearing features special pre-load adjusters to eliminate radial backlash and allow future re-tensioning. Fully removable stainless steel control bal...


EOLO / SPIRIT Tail Drive Bearing Block
EOLO / SPIRIT Tail Drive Bearing Block part number: RED-03
This component has been designed to prevent movement of the tail drive pinion gear. Often the threads in the original plastic unit are overtightened and damaged resulting in the gear lifting out of correct mesh. Our alloy unit provides secure threads that can be fully tightened time after time. ...


EOLO / SPIRIT Alloy Head Block
EOLO / SPIRIT Alloy Head Block part number: REH-02
A must for turbine smooth high speed running and accurate cyclic response. Crafted from solid in a single fully automated machining operation this headblock is supremely accurate, very strong and light. Fitting this component will instantly increase control resolution and reduce the vibration oft...


EOLO / SPIRIT Bell - Hiller Mixing Levers
EOLO / SPIRIT Bell - Hiller Mixing Levers part number: REH-07
These control levers are both strong and light and perfect for the high control loads encountered during demanding 3D style flying. Machined from solid and fitted with twin bearings for zero side movement and high durability. Control balls are stainless steel with M2 fixing threads and 1.5mm inte...


EOLO / SPIRIT Main Blade Grips
EOLO / SPIRIT Main Blade Grips part number: REH-08
These one piece alloy blade grips are machined from a solid billet of alloy to achieve the ultimate in strength and structural integrity without any weight increase. Offers precise control, improved tracking and look very cool too ! A direct replacement for original plastic units and highly recom...


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